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During my high-school days, I was never a competent student as compared to my fellow peers. I failed to pass my O’levels with flying colours, with only managed to pass not more than four credits out of seven subjects. I got two D grades for Biology and Chemistry, I failed my history exam with an F grade and this may knock your socks off, I even failed my PE also known as Physical Education. You might be thinking, how is it possible that a student could sumptuously fail PE as a subject? furthermore, not only I failed Physical education as an ordinary student, I FAILED physical education as a SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR!!. In other words, I was the best athlete in high-school and I deliberately failed to even score a credit for physical education. Well news flash for you, It’s possible to fail physical education and if you’re wondering how? I’m still looking for the answer to this day.

Moreover, failing in high-school had shattered my family’s faith and believe towards me. Not only my exam results had brought collateral catastrophic to my life, heck I even found out that my high-school crush brought her boyfriend to graduation day. The couple shared a beautiful kiss as soon as she walked down the stage right after receiving the honoured scroll. The best part of this graduation was that it was conducted before receiving your final results. After acknowledging that your crush is dating somenone else and your results turned out to be s*hit, I officially stated that my life was in a shambles. I didn’t know what I wanted, I was certainly lost, drifted in the dismal wilderness. With hope had seemed to be lost, a glimpse of light in the dark tunnel had appeared. During college admissions, I had applied to three. But Only one college acceptance letter arrived. From that moment in life I suddenly began to rejuvenated again as well my parents, and the rest is history.

I am a college survivor! and I want to share all my thoughts on how I made a remarkable turnaround in life in “COLLEGE”. To those of you out there who experienced through a hustle and bustle journey during high-school or feeling lost on not knowing what do with your current problems or anything in relation to college life ‘tings’, well fear not friends, I’ll be blogging about creative thoughts to help you survive college. (*effectiveness may vary*).

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