NormalMage’s Ghostwriter

Muhammad Suhail Bin Mohamed Ibrahim – Diploma in Business @Taylors University

Hello There, I’m Suhail and this blog is about an Ex-college student/survivor by the name NormalMage, with the aim of sharing his notions and schemes about his past roller-coasting experience’s during sophomore year. This is an exciting collaboration between NormalMage and I, because college is an exciting topic to talk about, especially during senior years in high-school. Moreover, these are *Real Life* guidelines will be accompanied with entertaining personal stories of NormalMage himself and other of his fellow friends. The contents we’ve generated is from a conducted survey with mainly college students as our subjects, about their difficulties in college such as coping with stress, relationships and time management. With that being said, if there are any other topics that we have yet to cover, do head on to the contact section located in the ‘about’ category and email us your desired topic to be blog about.  

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